Coursework examinations

If you have a complaint about examination questions not making sense, an invigilator present during the examination will usually contact the relevant academic to clarify the situation at the time of the examination.

If a student asks an invigilator the meaning of a question or word in a question, the invigilator is instructed not to assist. Students should try to do the best they can. Invigilators are not permitted to interpret words or questions for students. This is because they are not academics, and do not have any special knowledge of the area and there is a risk that even in interpreting a non-technical phrase, they could be providing the wrong information.

If you believe you were prejudiced in your performance during the examination for any reason, then it is important to either lodge a special consideration application within time, or make a formal complaint in writing to your unit leader.

If you fail an examination you can request to view the paper. It is important therefore to set up an appointment with your lecturer. Ascertain whether it has been re-marked by someone else.

Visit the exams webpage for more information about rules, policys and procedures.

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If you fail an examination you can request to view the paper.

More information - Advice & advocacy

The staff of the Monash Postgraduate Association (MPA) provide confidential advice on supervision issues and any other difficulties you may be experiencing as a postgraduate student at Monash.

The best way to contact one of our Advocates is by via email. For those postgraduates located off-campus or studying via distance education, advice can be provided by email, and supported by phone calls (funded by the MPA).

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