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HDR professional development training

A group of postgraduates have raised concerns regarding the compulsory 120 hours professional development training required as part of some PhDs. We have already made some progress on this issue but are continuing to work with the university to ensure that outstanding concerns about access, relevance, time commitment and quality are addressed. We are doing this via a second submission to GRC. If you would like to provide feedback or request for more information regarding this matter, please contact Peter Hurley

Records for exam arrival and departure times

We have had a few cases where students have been automatically penalised because they accessed their Moodle after leaving their exams, (before the official end time of the exam), leading the system to mistakenly believe that they had accessed their Moodle while they were in their exams! Apparently some faculties actually check Moodle access for their exam student cohorts – who would have guessed?

We wrote to the university examinations section to discuss with them a way to rectify this problem by recording student exam arrival and departure times. The examinations unit responded and the matter will now be tabled at the Teaching and Learning Committee.

Requesting preference for parents when allocating tutorial times

Parents from the Faculty of Education raised this issue with us some time ago, and although we hit a dead-end with our lobbying last year, we’ve decided to give it another shot! We would like to see faculties giving parents a preference when allocating tutorial times to students. This would avoid parents from being allocated tutorial times that clash with child drop-off and pick-up times, effectively preventing them from participating in their tutorials.

We’ve all read the about the university winning all those family-friendly awards - let’s see how family-friendly we can coax the university into actually being at a grass-roots level, where it really counts.

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Monash postgrads are represented by the association’s Executive Committee. Each year up to fifteen postgraduates are elected to form the Monash Postgraduate Association Executive Committee (MPAEC). Occasionally, postgraduates are co-opted into the committee.

The MPA also ensures postgraduate representation on all the University's governing bodies and committees relevant to the interests of postgraduates. Over the years the MPA has made a number of submissions to the University on a range of issues.

The MPA is also associated with CAPA (Council of Australian Postgraduate Associations) which deals with national issues affecting postgraduates.

The MPA is governed by its constitution, and other governing documents.

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What are your thoughts about the compulsory 120 hours of professional development training required as part of some PhDs?


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The MPA is associated with CAPA (Council of Australian Postgraduate Associations) which deals with national issues affecting postgraduates.

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From time to time, postgraduate members on the MPAEC complete their studies and leave Monash part-way through their term of office on the MPAEC. Where a vacancy arises between annual elections, postgraduates can be coopted to the committee.

At present, the MPA is actively looking to fill the roles of the Queer Officer and the Indigenous Officer . To be eligible, you will need to complete an application form and attend the next MPAEC meeting as an observer before you can be formally considered for the position. Application forms, or questions about the cooption process should be directed to Jessica Van Gent

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