When helping a friend is not the right thing to do

Did you know sharing assignments with friends is against the rules at Monash University?

Ainsley is enrolled at Monash. He is housemates with Beulah and they are doing the same course.

Beulah is experiencing personal and financial problems. She must complete the degree as soon as possible, but she can’t focus on her studies and is falling behind.

They both have an assignment due soon. Ainsley offers Beulah his completed work so she can get an idea of what she has to do.

Beulah completes her assignment and is very grateful for Ainsley’s support.

1. Is there anything wrong with Ainsley’s  conduct?

Yes. You are not allowed to share essays; at Monash, it is called collusion.

2. Is there anything wrong with Beulah’s conduct?

Yes, the way Monash sees it, by looking at Ainsley’s essay, she has committed collusion and possibly plagiarism.

3. What are the possible consequences for both students?

If discovered, the University’s discipline process would be triggered.  

If you find yourself in this situation, please don’t panic. Contact an MGA advocate to help you navigate your way through the situation. The MGA is independent from the University and all matters discussed with our advocates are confidential. The MGA Advocacy and Academic Support service is free for Monash graduate students.

To book an appointment, email us, call the Clayton office on 9905 3197 or the Caulfield office on 9903 1880.

You can find more about Academic Misconduct on our website.